Every aspect of your medical transcription sample resume is important

Drafting an individual resume takes some time and a lot of attention to detail. Every aspect of your medical transcription

sample resume is important. Potential employers need to see that you can craft a professional resume that lists only your

most valuable skills as an employee. Three main points that must be on your resume include:
1. Education - People who have good training are 10 times more likely to get transcription jobs than those who do not. With

training being at the top of your list, directly below your basic information like your name and contact information, the

chance of a reply is much higher. Include any sort of education you’ve received whether it be from an online training course

or an in-classroom training course.
2. Experience - Medical transcription jobs usually say you need a couple of years of experience. Previous work experience is

considered to be just as important as education. Two years of previous experience is the current preference for most online

employers. Be sure to include any transcription services you have offered in an internship position as well.
3. Hardware/Software - Your employer needs to know that you can begin work today if eligible. This is the part of the resume

where you can list what types of systems you have in place such as a foot pedal, computer, software expander program, etc. Be

sure to include your level of experience with these systems and don’t be afraid to boast!
The objective is to make sure you have the most professional, clean, and to-the-point resume possible. Don’t use more words

than you have to, just state the facts, but be very direct. Transcription jobs can be difficult to obtain an are very

competitive. Creating your sample resume is your chance to put the shoe on the other foot. Pretend that you are the employer

and really think about what you would want to see on a resume. It is very important, however, that you do not lie or

exaggerate. There are ways to make your skills look impressive without being dishonest. State as many facts as possible and

use an attractive but basic template. Too much is likely to cause your potential employer to not even take a second look.

Make sure that you get a couple of people to look over your sample resume so that you can make improvements.
Once you have created the final masterpiece, start submitting to the websites you want to work for. Not all transcription

jobs will contact you immediately, so be sure to give the process some time. Submit to the websites that are hiring at first,

and then move on to those that are not. You should receive a contact as long as you remain persistent with your efforts.

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